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Conservatory Blinds
Conservatory Blinds
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Conservatory Blinds

Our made to measure conservatory blinds are made up of two parts; the roof blinds and the side blinds. The blinds on the roof assist in controlling the heat and are fitted closely to the window pane. These blinds can then be matched with any side blinds to get the look that you require.

Roof Blinds

Roof blinds are a great way to avoid the harsh glare from the sun and create a cool and relaxed environment in your conservatory. Our collection of conservatory blinds enables you to control the amount of sunlight and heat you let in, creating just the right amount of shade you require.

Side Blinds

DAP Blinds offer an array of side blinds including roman, roller, pleated and vertical blinds that are all available in a variety of colours, shades and fabrics. Such styles will help create the perfect look you require, transforming your conservatory into the ideal living space that you have in mind.

Perfect Fit

At DAP Blinds we are able to offer a collection of blinds that can be fitted without the use of any screws or adhesives. The perfect fit blind is an amazing invention consisting of a simple snap-fit action so the blind fits neatly into any window without the need for drilling or screws.

An added benefit with any perfect fit blind is that they can be easily removed for ease of cleaning or indeed when replacing.

So whatever window you decide to fit with the perfect fit blind, you can be guaranteed of a quick and easy installation that will add a touch of class to any room.


Conservatory blinds provide numerous benefits to the way that you use your room space including the following:

  • Temperature Regulation – Without roof and side blinds, your conservatory could become unbearably hot in the summer months and similarly, blinds can help insulate the room during the colder months.
  • Lighting Levels – Choosing the right set of conservatory blinds will allow you to control how much natural light enters the room and from which angle, assisting you in making the room as comfortable and relaxing as possible.
  • Character – Whether it’s plain or patterned, traditional or contemporary, the choice of blinds we offer means that you can find the perfect conservatory blinds to add character to your room, whatever your individual taste may be.
  • Privacy – Anyblind are able to provide you with a full set of conservatory blinds allowing you to use the room with as much or as little privacy as needed, whether it be day or night time.

Inspirational Ideas

Conservatories are great places to spend time in, whether it be relaxing on your own, working or entertaining friends. We have provided some inspirational ideas below to assist in providing the right look for you:

  • Relaxing Haven – Roman blinds provide the perfect solution when a warm and welcoming feel is required. Combining a semi bold print on a neutral colour creates the perfect look for a relaxed environment.
  • Stunning Stripes – Roller blinds incorporating vibrant colours are the perfect choice for a family orientated room that requires an array of sunshine at certain times.
  • The Tranquil Touch – Combining vertical side blinds with pleated roof blinds provides the perfect setting for those requiring a cool and collective environment.
  • Delicious Dining – Pleated side and roof blinds provide the perfect environment for dining in your conservatory, creating a refreshing feel for the day and a classic touch for the evening.

Top Advice

  • North or South Facing – The position of your conservatory is an important factor to consider when choosing a set of blinds. North facing conservatories may be cooler at times and would benefit from the warmth of roman or wooden venetian blinds. Whereas a South facing conservatory which are likely to experience plenty of sun light would benefit from a pleated blind which are specially designed to reduce the heat and glare from the sun.
  • Privacy – If your conservatory is overlooked by neighbours then you may want to consider a blind from our vertical or venetian range, as they can be adjusted to an angle for privacy whilst still allowing light to filter in.
  • The perfect view – Should you be fortunate enough to have a stunning view from your conservatory, you will require a blind that can be pulled away out of view when not required. Roller blinds are an ideal solution as they can be easily rolled away and take up very little space.
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